Undercoat ink

UCP series

■A new, thermal cure version of our surface-flattening UCP Series material has been developed!
※Patent Pending

Previously, our UCP Series required a UV cure during processing. This is a new, thermosetting material that does not require UV exposure.


■Laser-drilled holes are possible
Planarization is not necessary for surface flattening of innerlayers; direct press and via formation is possible.(Curing can be achieved during pre-preg press process)


■It is possible to adjust the Tg and/or CTE of the UCP Series material based on customer requirements.
Please consult with our sales staff for more information.


■Environmentally responsible product
This material is halogen-free.

Product No.PropertiesPurpose of use
UCP-50A-4 Surface flattening of high gap etc. Heavy capper board (for inner layer / outer layer)
UCP-60 High Tg type. PKG, FCPKG, BGA, CSP etc.

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