To operate this website, we respect the customers’ privacy and provide sufficient consideration to personal information, as well as making efforts to carefully protect and properly control the information.

  • SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred as the Company) shall observe laws, regulations and other rules related to the personal information protection, and treat personal information properly. 
  • When the Company obtains any personal information, the Company shall notify the purpose of use in advance and then obtain the personal information with lawful and fair measures. 
  • The Company shall use the customers’ personal information within a extent required to accomplish the following purposes of use, and manage the information strictly.
    a) To respond to the customer’s inquiry
    b) To inform various kinds of liaisons required for executing product development requested by the customer.
  • The Company shall maintain accuracy of the personal information and update it and manage it safely. In order to prevent loss, falsification and leakage of the personal information or to materialize some necessary and proper information security measures, the Company may request the customer to cooperate.
  • The Company recognizes that the customer (the person in question) has a right to request to disclose, revise, stop using and delete his/her personal information. If the customer requests us to do so, the Company shall take action immediately within a reasonable extent in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. 
  • If the purpose of use defined in this regulation may exceed the reasonable extent, the Company shall provide a new purpose of use and inform the customer of it, and then use the personal information after obtaining the customer’s consent.
  • If some legally eligible organizations such as the police and judicial institutes request to disclose the personal information, the Company shall provide the information to the requesting party.

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