SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd. has gained a high level of confidence from customers since its establishment in 1950, through the continuous improvement of our unique technologies and R&D capabilities.

We would like to support the product development of customers, in order to contribute to the construction of a secure, safe and sustainable society.


INOUE Eiichi President



In order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd. will protect the safety and livelihood of employees and their families, and continue to improve the technological capabilities to support the product development of customers.


  1. We shall comply with the laws, ordinances and regulations in all countries and the requirements of customers, in order to conduct activities in accordance with social ethics.
  2. We shall respect the human rights of all people, eliminate discrimination, and prohibit any action which will impair the dignity of individuals, including harassment.
  3. We shall, as well as contribute to the construction of a sustainable society, take action towards environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.
  4. We shall respect the individuality of employees, and provide fair evaluation and treatment, in order to create a safe and comfortable working environment.
  5. We shall provide products which satisfy customers, in consideration of the safety and reliability of the products.
  6. We shall build business relationships with business partners based on fair rules, in order to establish reliable relationships, striving for mutual development.
  7. We shall participate and cooperate in activities which contribute to a safe and secure lifestyle of the community and cultural activities, aiming for coexistence with the community.
  8. We shall appropriately manage and utilize the assets of the company, in order to promote improvements in the efficiency of the business activities, striving for continuous development.
  9. We shall conduct fair activities while maintaining sound and transparent relationships with political and public administrations.
  10. We shall block any relationships with antisocial forces which would have an effect on the social order and safety.

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