Quality Assurance structure and Environmental activities of SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd

Quality Assurance Structure

SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd. obtains certificates related to quality assurance, in order to provide satisfactory quality of product to the customers.

Quality Policy

“The basic policy and object of SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd are to improve all employees continuously to satisfy the customers’ expectation and requirements, and then manufacture and supply our products such as cosmetic bases, bulk products, hair dyes and resist inks”


[Customers’ expectation and requirements] means Q (Quality), C (Cost) and D (Delivery period).

Environmental activities

SAN-EI Kagaku Co., Ltd obtained several certificates related to environment in order to construct a technical development and production management structure sufficiently considering influences to environmental conditions.

Environmental Policy

Features of Konosu Plant

We develop, manufacture and sell resist inks for electronics components in Konosu Plant. We supply products to the customer in domestic and overseas customers.


Our Konosu Plant is in a garden suburb and surrounded with rice fields. Farmers set out rice plants in the spring, and harvest rice in the autumn. The place has atmospheres relaxing people and rich natural environments.


Thus we are careful of exhausted air and discharged drainage that may influence to the surrounding environments, as well as influences of our products supplied to the customers to environments.

Environmental Policy

We will make corporate activities under a technical development/production management structure sufficiently considering influences of chemicals to the environment.

Basic Policy

We prevent pollution to regional environments and contamination of products by setting own standards based on the environmental influence assets to manage environmental aspects. We observe environment-related laws and regulations applicable to the region where our plant exists as well as requirements that we accepted. Our environmental management system provides environmental management programs in consideration of technical problems and economical efficiency, and improves them continuously.

Themes that we are involved in

  1. To prevent pollution to the surrounding regions, we make efforts to control properly wastes discharged from our plants and reduce their amount.
  2. We will stop or reduce use of the environment control substances requested by the law and the customers.
  3. We will promote “green procurement” of fixtures to be used in the plant as well as “green procurement” of raw materials.

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